19 Oct 2010

Enjoy Halloween. Skulls, ghost and skeletons to color.

Skeletons, skulls, ghosts, and many bones to paint or color on the night of Halloween.Some are very frightened, others less so. They are even amused by the ringing of other bones.
Many ghosts have escaped from his castle to Dibujalia come, come ...

Coloring Smart come and enjoy the best Halloween.

16 Dec 2009

Special Chritsmas Balls

Published in Coloring Pictures a selection of easy balls to decorate our Christmas trees. The balls are very simple and aimed at smaller so they can color them easily.
They are in the category Christmas Balls.

9 Nov 2009

Coloring tales characters

New drawings available devoted to storybook and tales characters. The new drawings in our category of fairy tale characters are:

A witch, a winged horse or phoenix and a gnome.

To complete the costumes also have a witch hat or wizard, or even a colonial farmer.

29 Oct 2009

New Coloring Pictures for Halloween

There is little time to finish our Halloween activities, if anyone is still lagging, still time to do many activities to enjoy this event.

Our members have sent more Halloween pictures to color, including many pumpkins, bats and templates to decorate, dark moons etc. ..

Access our category dedicated to Halloween and you'll find these new pictures.

14 May 2009

Complete or find differences

New coloring pictures to complete drawings or search for differences. These are fun activities for children and developing child care.

All this funny drawings are for work visual discrimination

28 Apr 2009

Postcard for Mother's Day

We prepare a simple postcard to give on Mother's Day, so we can tell how you can made it

This allows us to decorate the postcard in different ways, so we offer several ideas quick and easy that children can do alone, although sometimes, of course, always need a little help.

* We can paint each of our hearts ring with a different color, like a rainbow, if we use warm colors (red, orange, yellow ...) will always be better.

* If you have fluorescent paint or glitter can also give us great results.

* Slightly more complicated is to cut the outer border of the heart, but only one half, using a cutter or scissors. Once the cut edge of the heart. We can fold the card in half, although this is a bit irregular (it is more fun and different). Then put the cut on the opposite side, which will be empty, shall require the card.

* Remember to write your name.

We expect them to be useful. Download postcard to give to Mom.

And remember that in our category APRA Mother's Day can find more activities.

22 Apr 2009

Activities and drawings for the Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day next April 23 in coloringpictures.info we've prepared a series of designs and templates that you can serve very well to make artistic or additional reading activities to commemorate and celebrate this day.

- You have a small collection of bookmarks.

* Bookmark bubbles.
* Bookmark tulip.
(Which can also be very useful for a little present for our moms)
Bookmark * Spring Flowers. We welcome the arrival of spring with this bookmark.
* Template bookmarks. Our bookmarks to color or draw the way that you like and you can decorate as you like best.

- Cover and templates for the activity book reader traveler.
- Designs Coloring Book stacked, crowded or open.

At the same time of day in our class book, you can enjoy many other drawings dedicated to reading and to this day.

If these drawings you suggest some kind of activity you can add in the comments,

13 Sep 2008

New design for Coloring Pictures

We want to welcome this new cycle which begins in Coloring Pictures "Coloringpictures.info."
Over these months we have done a great little effort to give a new image to our website in order to facilitate their use and navigation through the various content.

In this regard we intend, with this new design for CPi that is one more tool for user participation in the use and utilization of the site. That will serve to develop a little more each day the task of many teachers and families in the work of educating and that is an instrument of fun for those who enjoy giving color to the drawings.

Encourage you to participate by sending your drawings, and share them with the rest of the community.
A greeting and enjoying the new web CPi (www.coloringpictures.info)

11 Feb 2008

A new lover`s day

This 14th february comes again full of love. S. Valentine's day comes to our site with many pictures to color specially dedicated to this event.

You will find pictures with Cupido, arrows, hearts, letters, and a lot of things related with this day.
So we hope this can be usefull to yours.

You can access now, directly to pictures and drawings of Valentine`s day, the lovers day.
Thanks for all.

25 Oct 2007

Halloween Pictures

Halloween is coming, ..

You already know in the web can find a category with drawings of halloween. If you want have drawings you could sent it ...